Monday, 26 November 2018

A Short Insight to the Concept of PHP

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An open-source, server-side scripting, PHP is a programming language which is primarily used for web development. PHP is also an integral part of Wordpress as the core software of WordPress is written in PHP that makes it a prime technical language for the developer community. However, in order to under this language, one must have a basic knowledge about PHP. And this will tell you all about that.

PHP Versions

In order to have a diverse knowledge of PHP, one must know to be aware of its version. In total, PHP has two different versions, PHP 5 and PHP7, that a developer or learner can install on the server on which he/she is working. The older version is PHP 5 which is almost at the end of his life. However, PHP 5.6 is the recent most version of PHP 5 version that does not have active support.
However, the recent version of PHP is 7.2 which bids impressive performance improvements. High performance along the improved security are the reasons of Kinsta offering the latest versions of PHP.

Just like all other programming languages, PHP also has a different version that a developer can use. So, here we present the list of PHP version that is currently supported by Kinsta.
PHP 5.6
PHP 7.1
PHP 7.2
PHP 7.3-RC4

How Does PHP Work?
Well, we have already define PHP, i.e., it is a server-side language. But do you have any idea what actually the “server-side” does or what it actually mean? Probably not, right? Now, Server-side basically refers to all that processing on a web server that happens before the final output which is delivered to the target audience. Let’s understand it better with an example; imagine someone visits your WordPress site. Now, the main thing comes here, before processing any file to a visitor, the server first runs the PHP code which consists in the WordPress core or any plugins which you have installed on your site. Once the server processing the code, it automatically delivers the output of the PHP to the visitor. The final output comes in such a way that a visitor can never see the PHP code that powers your WordPress site.
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