Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Polystyrene- Truly a Key Contributor to Modern Lifestyle

Polystyrene, also known as ‘Styrofoam’ is colorless and rigid in nature. Mainly obtained from the petroleum product styrene, polystyrene could be extruded, aerated or molded to get a variety of products and used for several applications.

What is Polystyrene Sheet?

Polystyrene sheets are made up from the fine layers of substances, which are obtained from polystyrene foam, which has amazing qualities. Hydrocarbons that are used in the fabrication of these sheets are derived from petroleum. Later on, the foam is infused with air and framed into sheets of various shapes and sizes. Moreover this, polystyrene sheets comes with excellent insulating properties and this makes them a wonderful alternative for a broad variety of applications.

Expanded and Extruded sheets are the two basic types of sheets. As compared to expanded sheets, extruded sheets are dense, strong and stiff and the blend of these qualities makes them effective for a number of structural applications.

Excellent Benefits that One Can Avail Through Polystyrene Sheets…


Polystyrene is a substance that could be molded into numerous shapes and sizes. It can be commixed with materials like polymers and resins to get more pleasing properties. Polystyrene is used in the production of explosives to building materials, medical equipments to kitchen cutlery, plaster texturing to food storage boxes, display cases for domestic devices, and other more.


Polystyrene sheets triumphs over all other options easily as it can be recycled within budget, saves the cost of raw materials used in the production of goods, and it is light in weight. This sheet is made up of Styrofoam, which easily beat other reusable and disposable products, which are available in market. In addition, the sheet has the capability to resist moisture and heat. In a nutshell, polystyrene is one such material that offers you all in one protection.

Excellent Physical Characteristics

Polystyrene sheets possess a number of amazing physical attributes, which makes them ideal for an array of applications. Crystal polystyrene is derived from a homopolymer that is almost close to perfect clearness. Moreover, it is more durable and high tensile. It is also resistant to shrinkage and maintains the actual strength and shape of the products for long time duration.

On the other hand, polystyrene foam has excellent insulating properties and the feature of shock resistance, which makes it easy for the production of useful items. Therefore, avail the benefits of polystyrene sheets now and give your business a new dimension!