Friday, 3 March 2017

Grain Storage without Fumigation – Important Process

Fumigation is referred to a safe and effective combating of grain storage insects in stored grain in a way that the grain will be safe for the user and remains free of from any sort of live insects.

How does it work?

Fumigation comprises the application of formulations which discharge phosphine and even fill the area around the grain root with a toxic gas.  It is significant to recognize that the grain is not really fumigated, but the gap around the grain. 

As a matter of fact, there will be no phosphine dregs on the grain.  As grain is covered physically, the body used will break down to a suitable residue level, which is secure for the end user even after 21 days.

Integrated pest management

It is a plan in terms of which you carried out everything in your power to remove insects and fumigation is the last option. We normally talk about store hygiene.  It goes rightly with cleaning actions nearby silo complexes, sealing of structures, the research of storage arrangements / silo bins, and constant monitoring.  It does not assist to apply poison but to overlook the cleaning procedure. It is similar to a kitchen. No food being served in a dirty plate - the plate required to be clean. The same condition applies with the store hygiene.

The poison breaks down near after 21 days, after which the grain will be expected to get insects once again.  Hygiene of the store is the most significant point of departure in the removal of re-infestations.Natural Conservation of grain is also important for everyone. 

Kinds of fumigation

Mass fumigation- silo bags, silo bins, as well as storage dams where grain needs to be stored in huge quantities. Tablets, pills or even circulation fumigation are utilized.  Pills and Tablets really work into the grain and a gas is being directly released.

Bag fumigation – is case, stored products are fumigated.  It is a labour- concentrated method of fumigation.  Protection is always significant, but especially when this sort of fumigation is completed.

Circulation - a formula is planned to the bin as well as the air (gas) flows inside the bin that rightly kills the insects.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Coke Oven Car Air Conditioner – Perfect to Control The Conditions

Coke Oven Car Air Conditioner
Air conditioners or AC is a system referred to control and organizes the flow of air in restricted spaces. Just imagine about the offices, factories and even buildings which are completely exhausted. Once the system is fixed, it changes the temperature, damp and properties of the air to more favorable conditions. They mostly comprise forms of technological disinfection, ventilation, cooling as well as heating. Coke Oven Car Air Conditioner is high in demand. 

ATMOS Coke Oven Car Air Conditioner is manufactured, designed, and tested by the experts. They make sure of the finest temperature of the electronics and cooling ease for the cabin operator is preserved.

A coke oven is a device utilized to create coke, a product that is taken from coal. The mixing as well as heating of bituminous coal at temperatures starting from near about 1832 to 3632 Fahrenheit within the airless oven gives ways the coke by-product. This tool is an essential part of the coke making procedure. It can easily handles, high ambient heat, too much dust levels and even the vibration of the Coke Oven Equipments. 


It is perfect for the location where there is dusty environment and heavy vibrations and irregular movement. ATMOS SAFF-40 can easily work in the high temperature up to 65°C. Indoor or Inside panel temperature can be easily set between 25-35°C. There are several applications which include Excavators, Dumpers, Electric Rope Shovels, Draglines, Dozers, Surface Miners and even Spreaders.

Panel air conditioner is the highly useful system to keep the life of machines utilized in offices as well as industrial settings. It assists to dismiss the heat created by regular usage and changes it with cool air for the electronic tools such as computers as well as heavy machinery, therefore prolonging the life of the tools. Air conditioning also assists in ease the ease and simplicity of working for the people in the services. These can be controlled to change to the conditions of the climatic of the place - cool or warm.