Monday, 15 July 2013

How to Find a Web Design Company for Your Business

A lot of easy ways exist to make web pages. But not a lot of easy ways exist to make a professional quality business website that will help you earn profits and build reputation. You need to make an informed choice. Here are some questions to ask and things to consider in the process.

  1. Can the firm you are considering show you other sites they've made? Are they of the type and quality you want? Are they easy to use and understand?
  2. Does the firm you are considering ask you lots of questions about what you want from a website, your goals, your needs, your business? Do they really try to understand your business so they can plan how to help you improve it with a website?
  3. Are they professional in terms of responding to your email and your phone calls? Do they have clearly developed processes and procedures that indicate experience? For example, are there questionnaires or intake forms you fill out? Do they offer contracts that protect both your interests and theirs? Are they clear about how they are charging you? About what happens when you request design changes?
  4. Be prepared to shoulder the responsibility of making sure that the web design firm you use gets the content they need. The content material you provide needs to be interesting and compelling. The website can't succeed with just a great design alone. Content is king.
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