Thursday, 18 December 2014

Huge Demand of Professionals with PMI Certification

PMI certification remains one of the most demanding certification for professional excellence and growth. With emerging technology trend the projects tend to get more complex and require industry experts and exception project managers to handle the project with utmost efficiency. When it comes to project management companies prefer PMP certified or professional with PMI certifications to handle any crucial project. No doubt that PMI certified professionals has an edge over others.

Organizations very well understand that PMP certified professionals are real value add and part of success story, therefore they are great demand in the market. If you are PMP certified your career is about to gear up with higher degree of success. The knowledge you acquire on project management, how to handle it successfully, and implement right mix of experience and creative ideas, management principles helps organizations with next level of profitability. Having PMP certification gives you an extra point in your kitty as most hiring manager looks for such expert so you have better chances to the desired job.

To achieve anything significant in life you need to give 100% effort with clear goal and objective, same goes for PMP training and preparation. PMP training requires significant amount of time, hard work and intensive focused approach. With complex lifestyle and nature of job some professionals find it bit difficult to go and attend the PMP training classes or devote more time for them many institutes offer PMP online training classes to offer an alternative way to reach the desired destination through PMI certification. Please remember this certification requires renewal after three years. To be eligible for this certification individual must hold a qualification of diploma degree along with working experience of 60 months of project management. Where, as a candidate with graduation /bachelor’s degree with 3 years project management are also eligible for this PMP certification. For details and credentials one may refer to PMI online website.

PMP book and guide and practice sample papers alone cannot help you, it requires proper guidance and training to achieve a certificate. Once you have PMP certification, it gives you better chance to get a well paid job compared to the individuals with similar experience but no PMP certificate and knowledge. If you are still having second thoughts on PMP training and certification then you must know that these certifications are recognized all around the world. Everyone understands that someone who qualifies can only get this PMP certification and hence hold great value. As a professional you must give your best efforts to earn this certification.