Friday, 30 January 2015

Select The Best PMP Training Classes in Chicago

If you search for Project management classes in Chicago, you will get plenty of option that might baffle you. So, before you opt for PMP training in Chicago and go ahead for your certification there are few tips which will always help you

Since, PMP certification is awarded by PMI (Project Management Institute) you need to be sure that you join a Project management class which has years of expertise in training professionals with higher degree of success rate. As a first step look out for a PMP training institute which is accredited by PMI, next verify if the course curriculum is adhering to the latest edition of PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) or not, these two are the key indicators if the institute is following the industry standards or misleading you.

Once, you have selected few institutes providing PMP training in Chicago, you now need to see how they deliver. What kind of staffs/ trainers they have, how do they propose to set things right to clear the certification at first go. Look for offline and online training help and guidance.

Finally, see how you can manage your time and see the training schedules available which is just perfect for you. With number of project management classes Chicago, you get the flexibility of getting many options to choose the best that serves your need.

Role of project manager is now very well defined wherein they are responsible for defining the scope of work, the process of implementation and supervision of business critical projects, assigning task to team to meet project deadlines are some of the major aspects. In order to become a successful project manager and grow professionally, you must look for PMP certification.

As latest trend employers are looking for PMP certified professionals with experience. If you have expertise and experience but don’t have the edge over others with PMP certification you must act on it now. Even, professionals with more than 10 years experience often run out of better job opportunities, having a accreditation of PMP certification which is known globally will not only help you getting most preferred jobs but will always put you ahead of others in the race.

Once you are through with your PMP certification with complete know-how it will certainly boost your confidence level. You will become a more matured professional with effective and methodological. With process oriented approach you can always get better job opportunity and reach new professional heights.

Monday, 19 January 2015

What it take to be a renowned Event planner

In order to establish your name as a renowned Event planner you require certain skills, lot of expertise, professionalism, experience to handle adverse situation and strong business insight. Event planning is an exciting field with lots of diversities along with complexities to tackle. It is demanding and challenging profession especially when you are based out of Delhi, but if you have the zeal and passion you are bound to grow and emerge as one of renowned event planner in Delhi.

Get a better understanding of what Event planners do

Being an Event planner you need to be in your toes since you have to coordinate well, plan it to perfection and manage things immaculately. Most event planners based in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore are accustomed with late night work and long working hours. Event planning services can be exclusive or can include various events under one umbrella. Event planning services cover wedding planning, corporate parties, Conferences, Road shows, Product launch, Business meets, Adventure & outings. Some of the event planners in Delhi take a step ahead and help the customer with adequate catering services or arranging conference halls for business meets and conferences.

A successful event planner should look at various direction from creativity to conceptualize an event based on customer requirement to budgeting, ensuring risk mitigation at any crunch situation, security, safety, hygiene and off course customer satisfaction.

While you plan, organize the operational and logistic aspects of an event make sure you have address all the key requirements and more importantly helping them with unstated needs which can give your customer a delightful experience. In a Wedding event there can a demand of special variety of flowers, or theme based decoration, a well technologically equipped conference hall in Delhi or a venue for business meeting/ seminar, so be prepared with adequate information to make sure you help the way they want making an event a big success.

Be it a private high profile event planning, public celebrations, corporate event you need to adjust according to every profile and various set of request coming your way. Most commonly you are asked to provide best catering services, best food and beverages, Snack and drinks option. Often you will get to hear that we are looking for open space for fun, sports event, a huge conference hall in Delhi for a business meet. Having good contacts, good event management skills and proper channels to coordinate things can help you to serve each need of customer at ease.

Make sure you have a contingency plan, this is not only a selling point but helps you keeping promise and deliver services as desired. Once you are through with an event, you may like to take their feedback to improve your service and solidify your services.